Kamis, 30 September 2010


Preparations are the worst part of any journey. This is basically because people tend to prepare for extreme conditions, which are not always correct. I have done some travel so I know that most of my thinking is probably incorrect. This being said, the point is that you can never be prepared for anything really. Nothing ususally works as expected, either it'll be easier or much more difficult-so whats the fuzz.
My fuzz right now is that my baggage. I feel that I am bringing too many things, and experience has taught me that I always over pack. I just don't think I can afford to over pack right now. Since 1 kg of over packing is equal to 20 USD. so if I over pack 10 kg this will mean 200USD. thats just too much. So right now I am trying to cut down my luggage, These are the things that are already in my suitcase, please help me consider what to throw out:

1. 5 pairs of jeans
2. 4 skirts
3. 5 shirts
4. 5 pretty tops
5. 8 T-Shirts
6. 4 sweaters
7. 3 Jackets
8. 1 pair boot
9. 1 pair convers
10. tons of underwear
11. socks etc
13. beauty products
14. my usual medicine
15. 4 shorts
16.1 training

thats about it. the problem is. all that takes a lot of space in my 2 suitcases, and I am still considering on bringing a hoody, AND books to study - which are kinda important.

I honestly don't know what to cut. please help. Please let all extra kg be free.. please?