Senin, 04 Februari 2013

Happy Birthday Christine

Today is my best friends birthday, and I wonder how she feels.

Today is not like any other birthday, well of course no birthday is like any birthday since in each birthday you add one year of living experience to your resume, however this time this year I think is a beginning of a new era for her. She's going to have a baby.

That birthday girl is going to give birth to another human being, whom she's gonna love maybe more than herself. Whose birthday will be more important than her own.

I wonder how that feels.

Although I might be young, unmarried and no where near of having children myself, but I want to give you friend my blessings and prayer.

Let today and the rest of your life be filled with gratefulness towards the life that you've been given and the people whom you've met and loved. May your gratefulness overflow as blessings to the people around you. May you be strong and graceful for your child as your mother was to you. Life is a cycle friend, and you the daughter will become the mother. What a blessing!

I love you bestie,
Hugs and kisses
Happy Birthday.