Sabtu, 14 September 2013

Recipe 1: Baby Bok Choy with shallots and sesame seeds

So I'm a self proclaimed vegan who occasionally falls off the wagon into the dizzying world of seafood and other sinful food. I'm not fit to be called a vegan, it's more that I try to be one maybe 80% of the time. However I'm planning on boosting up that percentage by buying the almighty veganomicon: the ultimate vegan cookbook.

Sadly I realized housing the book in my shelf didn't necessarily made me into a 100% vegan. After buying almost 2 months ago I'm now dusting it off my shelf and planning on challenging myself to make at least one new recipe a week from the book. 

So where better to document my own progress then in my long silent blog. Let the challenge begin! 

So this is the recipe for Baby Bok Choy with crispy Shallots and Sesame Seeds. One thing about the veganomicon, it has mom pictures in it. So I have no idea if my food turned out the way it supposed to or not. I'm guessing it did, since it tasted pretty good. I've actually made this recipe almost everyday for the past week, since its super easy and fast, something that a single girl living in a foreign country to study her doctoral degree desperately needs. 

The recipe calls for relatively simple things, 
1 pound baby Bok choy (although I used the grown up size since I didn't find the baby sized one in my supermarket, and they turned out fine)
2 small shallots (peeled and sliced into very thin rings)
1/2 inch cube fresh ginger (grated)
2 tbs peanut oil (no idea where to get that, I've tried using sesame oil and olive oil and it still tastes delicious)
1 tbs of mirin or apple juice 
1 tbs soy sauce 
1 tbs roasted sesame seeds

What you need to do is basically firstly to make crispy shallots by frying then in some oil until they become golden brown, but not burned. Then you take them out of the pan. 

Put in some more oil, and Sauté the grated ginger quickly, like 15 seconds or so. Put in the green leaves and toss them around until they wilt. Add the soy sauce and mirin, stir briefly and cover the pan. Steam for for around two minutes. Remove the lid and stir a little bit more. 

Move them to your plate and add the fried shallots and sesame seeds on top. Yummy!