Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

in Nagaoka

Nagaoka is a small city in its size, but nevertheless I notice that everything is still very much Japanese - very High technology. The main station -Eki in Japanese- is still very big city like, and the toilets are also as cute and high technologically advanced as the toilets in Tokyo. Why do I bring this up? because I think that it`s very cute, very convenient and very worth mentioning. The Toilets here have 4 other buttons -other than the usual big and small flush- the bidet, the splash, the stop button and - wait for it- the flushing sound. The bidet and the splash is a button to pour water in order to clean you know what, and the stop button is to stop that water. The flushing sound however I think is a button you use when you are making toilet noises when you are doing you know what. its very kawai I think. Also the seat on the toilet is heat able, which simply means you can control the seats temperature, I think that this will be very convenient in winter, when its so cold you are lazy enough to use the toilet.

Back to the main topic, Nagaoka is small but still very city like - there are shopping malls, supermarkets etc. My University - The Nagaoka University of Technology- is a bit further from the main city, maybe about half to an hour from it. and my apato is -as the Japanese say- only 5 minutes away from my campus. although with my speed of walk it is about 20 minutes - I`m Indonesian, I walk slowly.

Right now, in October, the weather is good, its about 17-20 degrees Celsius. In Tokyo, you don't Get to see snow, yet in my Prefecture -The Niigata Prefecture- snow can be at least 50 cm in height! Tokyo and Niigata is separated by mountains. My friend said when we went from a city near Tokyo back to Nagaoka that when you drive from Tokyo to Nagaoka you will see everything grey and gloomy and then you go through the tunnel -through the mountains- to Nagaoka and at the end of the tunnel you will feel like Alice in Wonderland, because everything is white as far as the eye can see.Although my friend did say that although it might appear to be beautiful etc like wonderland you are actually getting yourself to hell - because its very cold. I of course only hear the wonderland part and cant wait to see it in person.

This city of Nagaoka feels like a perfect get away. Everyone is very nice - they don`t even lock their cars here because its so save! After being here,you might actually wonder if -other than the incapability to speak English - the Japanese do indeed have any imperfection.

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