Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

shopping etc

Japan is exspensive - everyone knows that. But I`ve learned from my fellow Indonesian and also my Japanese tutor that you simply have to be tricky with money here - every city and every corner, has their one cheap thing.

Food here costs about ¥200 - ¥4,000 which is expensive -especially coming from Indonesia, I convert it into rupiah and the prizes here make you think sometimes to not eat at all! But there are second hand shops -which are cheap in Japanese standards but still have high quality products - and also the occasional cheap stores - again in Japanese standards.

Last week me and my Indonesian friends went to a city a called Iruma. It was a 4 hour drive from Nagaoka in the direction of Tokyo. The reason why we went there was because there was a mall the that sells expensive brands -such as Adidas, United Colors of Beneton, Armani etc - only for maybe one third of the real cost - or at least 30% off.

The truth is there are plenty of such places in Japan, which is a really huge advantage. so if you`re here please don't waste your money to much, Japan can be a shopping heaven to you know -cheap shopping senses will find you, if you try!

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