Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

sick in a foreign land

I can hear the voice of my friends in the back of my head yapping at me about taking care of myself so I don't get sick - which I found very amusing at that time-, but when it did really happen it was no walk in the park. Two days a go I felt that the air was getting very cold, at that time I didn`t realize that I had caught a cold - which must be the reason why I felt cold-. So when I started to sneeze, I took it as an alarm to go home as fast as possible.

The wind was very hard on me on my way home, and after I did get home I slept most of the day. The next day I decided not to come to campus, -although I already felt much better-, because I thought I only have my self to count on this time, so a little rest would be best - I don't want my sickness to get worse-.

I have no Internet connection in my Apato, no TV, and not really much to do. I was afraid of going out because it was very windy and cold. so I was stuck in my small room. and I was very much home sick.

Missing your parents is one thing, but to miss your whole life is another thing. I miss my friends and my boy friend who usually take care of me in such situations. I am however always very looked after. I feel like a little child always surrounded by nice people and loved by most - here I am just another sick foreign girl-.

In such situations back home my boyfriend would buy me soup - or make me one-, my friends would come by to my place and cheer me up - while teasing me about being sick-, my parents would worry and tell me to do all unnecessary things. For here, I only have myself to count on, to make my own soup, to cheer myself up and to worry about myself -and to be honest that's a tough job-.

But at the end of the day hopefully I will learn something about my experience in being in a land far far away - just like how I learned to take care of myself when I was sick in a foreign land.

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