Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

Kyoto: the golden temple Kinkakuji

The Golden Temple of Kyoto is the ultimate landmark of Kyoto -next to the Geishas-, it was build at the Golden age of the shogun -which I don't remember the year of, please do your own research-.

How ever if you ask me, I would say that this place has all the right element, but not the heart. You know like when you watch a movie that was made by a dream team, but somehow it just lacks something, and that movie is only good, but not truly great? that's how I felt when I walked inside this place.

The temple was great, and shinny. It has a typical Japanese Garden with a tiny lake, but there was just something missing.

However I must say that even so it was not as charming as I hoped it would be, but the temple itself is truly photogenic, all the gold has made it a very charming little temple. Even so I must say that this is a must see in Kyoto.

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