Sabtu, 02 April 2011

sushi time.

its sushi time!just found a great new sushi place near sushi i ate so far in nagaoka,its called nikoniko. We wanted to eat there because the sign board said that one plate was only 90 Yen! 90 Yen is super cheap. usually the cheapest would be 100 Yen, you might think its only 10 Yen, but in reality, when you eat sushi, you gotta eat at least 8 plates. Boys usually eat more than 15 plates, so 10 Yen matters. hehe. but when we went inside, we found out that only certain plates were 90 Yen, the other ones were either 100 Yen, 150 Yen, 300 Yen or 500 Yen. Haha gotcha! but we decided to try out the place anyway, and it was so worth it! I ate 7 Plates , which is an improvement, because I usually eat 15 plates or more.. Hehe.

What I want to say is that anytime you go to nagaoka, you should stop by! its super nice and oishii, so why not:)

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