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fushimi inari shrine

inari shrine by asihsimanis
inari shrine, a photo by asihsimanis on Flickr.
it is located in the outskirt of Kyoto. I dont know whether it is famous or not, but I think that a lot of people wish to visit the place because it is very artistic, photographic and it was used in the movie Memoirs of a Geisha.

This is what I think, I think the place is boring. Yes the trail of thousands of Inari gates -those orange gates you see, which were given by thousands of companies and individuals in hope that the Gods will reward them with good fortune -is beautiful artistic and superbly photographic, but that is basically all you willsee. The trails of these gates are neverending, you can see more info about the place here. But the scene is more or less the same.

I went to the place twice, the first time I went alone, and it was in the mid of december. I went there at probably 4 or 5 p.m, so it was getting dark. It wasnt a touristy season at that time, the place was empty, no one was there and it was raining. The shrines were located inside some woods, with trails of gates connecting each. I went up to the shrines, through the gates by myself and I was totally scared.

There was this mystique feeling in that place, it felt like there was magic in the air -and not good magic, scary magic-. I finally decided- after getting bored with the look of the gates from the inside,which for me looked the same - to get out of the gates trail as soon as possible, and try to get new angles from outside the trails -which I obviously failed at-. And the woods were even scarier. At last I hurried back as soon as I can, I just dont like the place.

The second time I went at the peek of the tourist season, while there was a ceremony being held at the shrine -sadly we were not allowed to take pictures, I did managed to take some actually, but felt rather weird posting them, since I had no permission to take them in the first place-, and all the scary mist there was before was not there, so I guess it was just bad timing before. However this shot I took here was taken on my first visit, which is why I managed to get a clean shot. If you were to come on the peek season, this shot is super difficult to get I think.

The question is should you or should you not come? If you love Red, love artistic things, love photography, then you might like it, however, I must add that there is a smaller version of this in Tokyo, located inside the Ueno Park. That version is smaller, friendlier, much easier accesible, and for me much nicer. The gates are not as big and as cool as the ones in Kyoto though. If you are interested in seeing other angles of the place here is the link of my album of the place on Flickr.

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