Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010

my friends part 1

I don't think that anyone can live by them self. Every time anyone acts in a way showing that they think they can live by them self, my grandfather used to say to them:"Kalo kamu mau hidup sendiri, hidup di hutan kamu! Jadi Tarzan! ngomongnya Owak owek sama monyet". ("If you want to live by yourself, go live in the Jungle! Be Tarzan! Use monkey talk to speak to monkeys!"). The point is that other people are important for your well being, and also I think that having friends -close friends I mean- is one of the best things in life. I genuinely mean that.
I am very blessed to have an appropriate number of close friends-one for every occasion, lol!-. I usually stuck with them in some part of my life. This picture I have in this post are my 'PSM' friends. Who are basically my choir friends. Although I don't really remember why I am friends with them, but I am very lucky to have them.
I am very very proud of each and every one of them.
Going away also means parting with friends. You want to believe that the distance and time won't change anything. but you always know in your heart that somethings bound to change -either for the good or for the bad-. What you do know when you part with your friends is that you love them and that you wish them well. You hope that you can keep contact. and most of all, you hope that the friendship will endure the distance and that it'll last for a lifetime.

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