Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

Preperations Part 2

For those who wonder about my preparations to study abroad, I gladly inform you that I have solved some parts of my problems. How did I do it? It's all thanks to Google himself.
Call me weird, call me stupid, but some things do work like magic. You can almost ask Google anything! although your own faith and religion should not be left to Google. Anyway, I Googled "Packing 1 Year", and I ended up pocking my nose in so many interesting pages, ones I find most interesting however are:

thestudyabroadblog.com which is a very good summary of everything really necesarry. All of the things of this blogs packing list, I do have with me, whic means that I am on the right track.
www.your-study-abroad.com which has mentioned every helpfull link about the whole packing subject.
matadornetwork.com which has a very harsh way of cutting luggage and helps us consider things.

 The last link however helped me the most because it gave me a tip I immediately tried out on my own luggage - which is rolling your socks into your boots/shoes, to save space. This method worked so well, I got so much extra space! Thank you for the tip!

However, other than that, I also had to sacrifice some of my clothes -which are my jeans and some tops-, and my Mie Goreng.

I will try to keep you posted on the whole mater of preparations. Hopefully I'll have some other great news soon:D

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