Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

my hometown bandung

Bandung from Lisung by asih
I think it is only proper to think fondly about your own hometown before embarking on a long trip. For me personally, I've been trying to breath in every little detail I love about Bandung - and Indonesia - as much as I can, because I know I'm gonna miss all of it. I am trying to have an appropriate stack of memory before parting with it.
About 2 days ago, me and my friends went to a restaurant high up hills in Bandung - Dago Pakar, Northern part of Bandung. These kind of places are very popular here in Bandung, and are one of the nicest places to go to in Bandung. Why is this? This is because from these hills you can see the whole Bandung, and if you come here after dark, you can see a see of lights right in front of you.. Its simply irresistible.
However nice it all is, I must say that I don't go to these places that often. This is because nice views have their own price range, and this price range is not mine- in other words, they are expensive. Mostly I only come here on very special occasions, which usually include being paid for all dinner expenses. Nevertheless, since I am leaving Bandung soon, my friends have decided that this is a good enough reason to have dinner at a nice restaurant - hence the whole fancy dinner. So we went to this restaurant called Lisung - highly recommended by our friends and is said to be the least expensive of all and this is what I see.
Lisung may not be the best place to see the view of Bandung, but its stunning still. The lights are beautiful, the food is nice - not special, but nice and definitely one of the least expensive in the area -, the atmosphere is good and most importantly I am here with good friends.
This is my hometown, and I am gonna miss you. But trust me, this picture of you that night, Bandung, will go with me wherever I go.

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