Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

a working man

One of the key things in Japan that I love is that everyone express them selves through clothes. Its not much of a fashion statement as of a self expression statement. Men aren't afraid of wearing pink or laces or polka dot or anything that seems impossible in Indonesia or in Europe or in America. Here everything can be worn by anyone if it indeed is their personal sense of style.

I kinda fell in love with this man in the picture, he worked at the construction site on the bridge I visited. He was very graceful and to me he looked like a Ninja -minding his own business in the shadows-. He is a perfect example of young Japanese people who all have this kind of self expression -in his case I think its mysterious and dark-.

Don't you think that in a perfect world everyone would have the guts and grace to be them selves and express that in their everyday clothing?

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