Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

a more serious note

two days ago me and my lab partners and my professor and sensei-s went to a construction site, not just any construction site but a bridge construction site, not just a bridge construction site, but a cable-stayed construction site. It was very very very exciting for me; first of all we in Indonesia don't have many cable-stayed Bridges, so to see one has always been a privilege -come to think about it, I think we only have two  big cable stayed bridges,please correct me if I'm wrong -, second of all to get a chance to see how this kind of a bridge is built is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! makes me kind of remember why I'm passionate to learn this stuff in the first place; the third point is: I get to bring my camera to the site! lol! so cool it makes me feel like a National Geographic photographer -although non of my pictures are of course anywhere near what those guys do for a living-.

What fascinates me about the Japanese is that they constantly try to make everything more practical, the bridge itself is not located in a crowded city that desperately needs one, its located in a rather small city, and its also not that crowded. The reason the bridge was build -if I understood the video they showed me correctly, since it was in Japanese- is so the citizens of that city can drive from one part of the town two another much faster. If they took the original way It'll take them 15 minutes, if they take the new bridge however it'll take 5 minutes! lol! amazing how these people make such effort for ten minutes! I'm so impressed.  Also they made the bridge as a two leveled bridge, the first level is for car and the second level is two walk and to cycle, this is so the school kids can cycle to school -before the bridge, they had to take the ferry everyday, its expensive- and also so the bridge can be a recreational place for people. The original design of this bridge showed a kid with a bicycle and a couple holding hands, so well, the Japanese think about where their youth go to date -sight seeing is so much more cooler than going to the mall-.

Maybe for you in the west this is rather ordinary, but for me I think this is amazing. In my country no body makes such a fuzz for ten minutes, the people in charge don't even care if the infrastructure can withstand enough water when it rains so the city wont flood. You see the difference?

I envy the people who live in a real country, where there are people who think for the benefit of its citizens.  Oh and I hate those who take this for granted.

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  1. This bridge is beautiful!! We might be used to bridges in the west, but not all of them are as stunning as this one. Great picture.

  2. thanks! the Japanese are in love with cable structures, I see these kind of bridges everywhere. please let me know if you come here to visit (while I'm still around)