Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

no country for fat girls

How this was never mentioned by anyone who went to Japan is beyond me, because one of the things I noticed right away in Japan was that there are no fat people. period.

I saw this first in Tokyo, but since my being there was only for a few hours while riding in a car to the subway station from the airport and also to ride the subway to Ueno to take my Shinkansen to Nagaoka, I simply thought that my eyes where playing tricks on me. But after being here in Japan for 3 weeks or so I noticed that I can still count all the fat Japanese girls here with two hands! There are exactly 5 overweight girls I've met for these past 3 weeks who seem to be under 30, and 2 fat women above the age of 30, and 2 older women above the age of 60.

This picture I took in Nikko is a perfect example of what the average Japanese girls look like. They are cute, pretty, and skinny. Even after they are pregnant and have children, they still look like this -I've seen plenty of girls having children here, and they are all still skinny-.

My Indonesian friends, who have been here longer also said to me that being thin here is important. Very important. I haven't had the guts though to ask any Japanese girl why this is so because I don't know the protocol for sensitive conversations yet, I however will keep you posted on this matter.

Also I think maybe you would like to know how they can be this thin. I noticed that the food here is very healthy. Their average diet are vegetable soup and noodles. My friends say that Japanese only eat fried food such as tempura if they are feeling like it -maybe only once a week-. What they drink here is non-sugared green tea -ocha- and sugared but not sweet coffee. And also I noticed in my lab, the girls can survive by having only Yogurt for lunch!

This country has not yet failed to amaze me in every aspect. Hopefully my big but will be flatted out while I am here. I say Armin to that.

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  1. See this is my problem - I love white rice, but I eat a gallon of it each time I make it. The Japanese women know portion control; that's why they all look so good.

    I should move to Japan for awhile to get skinny hot!

  2. Sometimes its not fair, yesterday I went to one of those moving sushi places, I ate 7 plates of sushi, and I saw he girl next my table -who was skinny hot- and she ate like 15 plates. I really need to know how they do it.