Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

Japanese toilet seats

OK folks, I've mentioned the whole toilet thing before, but I haven't embedded the actual picture of atypical Japanese toilet seat, so this is it. you must understand what spray and bidet is all about, the picture talks for itself, but the flushing sound, wish I could record it and put it on my blog.

After being here for almost 3 weeks I finally got the guts to push the flushing sound button, I thought what will come out is some sort of calming music or something resembling music, but it turns out the sound that came out was the sound of something similar like when your TV cant get connection and it has that really noisy sound. That's how it sounded, so I wont be using it ever again. I promise you that. Its really uncomfortable and everyone will now what I am doing inside. lol.

2 komentar:

  1. That’s pretty disappointing. I bet you were hoping for the Sanford and Son theme song.

  2. I was actually hoping for a Fur Elis song or something disney like, the sound however was very unpleasant, I wonder if the sound is the same in every toilet? *should I push the button on every seat?*