Senin, 01 November 2010

when dreams come true

A friend of mine has had her mind set on becoming a reporter. Despite her educational background in Civil Engineering, she feels that her true calling is to be a reporter. Of course there is a subtle unlikeliness in that dream that she also realizes but she went for it anyway. In Indonesia things like that happen, it is because our third world status that work is hard in Indonesia, so parents have learned to push their children to pursue their education in the fields that actually have work in them and that have good payment -which are usually in the Engineering department-.

This is why I was so happy to hear that she got herself an almost-real job in a real paper -that gets printed and uploaded- . Its a super achievement form my super friend so I'd like to share the link for her first ever official report. And while you are reading it, I want you guys to remember that sometimes dreams come true.

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