Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Earthquake for Indonesia

Shut your mouths anyone who talks about bad morality of the people who died on the Boxing Day in Indonesia – nobody deserves to die, no one deserves to judge who deserves to die -. It ignited a fire deep inside me, experiencing a huge earthquake here in the land of Japan - where people work to find the cause of deaths and prevent it –rather than blaming morality on it -, and see how many people died? Probably just a fraction of the amount of people who died on the boxing day in Aceh. Can I ask why?

If the reasons are to be mentioned then there will be a lot of reasons: corruption, stupidity, lack of education, lack of any warning system, lack of consciousness, and lack of everything in this context. Where to begin the repairs? Where to begin to gain control over your own destiny? Is it too late?

It does not matter that we are not a rich country, being rich should not be the goal of anyone, nor should it be the goal of any country, we should simply just pursue like what the Americans would pursue, the pursue of happiness but in a very modest way, and in a way that insures a better future for our children. Not just for our children, but also for our children’s children. That’s how anyone sane should view their life right?

I would suggest these following actions in Indonesia, although probably nobody would read this post but at least I have gotten it out there. Indonesia should find a way to ensure that there are actions to be done to those who do not play by the rules –in this case, the rules of building the correct way- and Indonesia should find a way to ensure that there is enough information to be given to all its citizen on how to survive an earthquake and also Indonesia should invest on putting warning devices to give the right information for possible aftershocks or tsunamis.

I will not start to talk about corruption or morality, because all of that is not part of my cup of tea – but I would love to believe that we as human beings still care about each other enough to give a little effort for the better of the people- . Is someone out there with me?

Im sorry, that 7.9 Earthquake that just hit Japan made my mood very crampy-.

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