Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

banana bread

my first banana bread everyone!just made it with my rice cooker!

The recipe was pretty easy, which explains how a super amateur cooker like me could make it. Here I will give you the link to the page I found. If there was any creativity in my part, it would be to change the milk to coconut milk. and that's all. everything else was done by the book.

As for cooking with rice cooker, every rice cooker has its own thing. I had to cook it 4 times because in the first time, the bread was still not fully cooked, so you just gotta keep looking at the bread inside  and judge for yourself whether its done or not (I mean after the rice cooker is finished cooking, you gotta see the inside first, if its not done, turn it back on). As for how it tastes, I think it tastes superb. I gave some to my friends and they all liked it, so maybe you should try to:)

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