Rabu, 06 April 2011

ginkakuji from above

ginkakuji from above by asihsimanis
ginkakuji from above, a photo by asihsimanis on Flickr.

Today I will be leaving for osaka and Kyoto to see tha Sakuras at its best at the best places possible. I am a photography freak, so it might be a good time to visit. Im planning on visiting Ginkakuji again, its the temple I love the most in Kyoto. I love it because when I am inside it, I feel like my Dad is close with me. It might sound stupid, but the place is magical. I will try to post pictures and stories during my travel. I will catch up with everyones blog on Monday. Thank you for visiting!

Via Flickr:
this is my most favorite temple in Kyoto

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