Jumat, 08 April 2011

ichi nichi kippu

travelling in japan is expensive.thats why in big cities they created one day passes. in japanese its called ichi nichi kippu -which literally means one day ticket-.

In Kyoto for instance, you can buy a one day ticket for the city bus which will cost you 500 Yen. If you didnt take the one day pass, one bus ride will cost you about 220 Yen for adults and 110 for children, which means if you used the ticket more than twice, you will already gain from it. In my experience in Kyoto, in one day, you could go to up to 7 places (from 8a.m - 10 p.m), so the ticket is very much worth it. However if you are planning on going to Kyoto on high season, or weekends, the bus could be very slow since the traffic is horrible. So you should consider that.

In Osaka you can buy the subway pass for 850 Yen per day (600 Yen on Fridays). These are also very very worth it. When I was in Osaka, I bought a one day pass that also included the aquarium ticket, so it was 2,400 Yen. The Aquarium ticket itself was 2000 Yen so it was very cheap.

so whenever you are travelling in japan, be smart, go to the nearest tourist information and get yourself information on the available passes and get one that suits you.

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