Jumat, 08 April 2011

trains and subways in japan

In Japan your cellphone is not allowed to ring or make any other sound for that matter inside trains or subways, this also applies in other public transportations. Your cellphone should be on silent mode,or manner mode as the japanese would say. When you forget to do so, you will receive some very cold stares at the time your phone rings, which is like social punishement.

You are also not allowed to make or receive calls, for it is considered rude. Nevertheles, texting and browsing or using any other feature in your phone is still allowed, as long as it is on mute. Which is why the Japanese have their head inside a phone almost all the time.

In Japan, people can sleep while they are standing and most likely they will wake up on their designated station right in time to get off. In Japan, people use their notebooks inside the trains and do their work reports. They also have pens and fill out some papper work -while standing up-. In Japan they read novels,comics and porn magazines in trains. They have book covers, to cover their novels, but not their magazines.

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