Jumat, 15 April 2011


 I always hated Peter Pan when I was growing up, I remember seeing the Disney version of the story and hating him because he was just so childish. For a little girl who always wanted to grow up, to see someone who does not want to grow up just hurts my eyes. But as I grew older I kinda realized that it would be kinda cool if you could live in neverland and never grow old.

When you were little you could always dream for a future that seemed so distant you could hang your dreams as high as the moon and beyond. The older you grow, the lower the expectations you have of your future, the more you become grounded in reality. The more you become like the rest of the grown ups, simply just trying to survive.

You kinda wish you were Peter Pan, who does not have the responsibility, and therefore can keep doing what he does best, play all day and night. and you wish you had Tinkerbell with you giving you all her dust and helps you to fly.

but hey there, its not all bad here outside neverland either.

For if you don't grow up and keep hanging on where you are then you will never see the beauty of going after your dreams and actually achieving it. Even if you fall and stumble in the process but the process will build and pamper your personality. Even when you are grounded in reality and you have lowered your expectations, dreams are still there to be chased. The difference between having a dream when you were in neverland and when you are a grown up is that in the real world you get a chance to chase your dream and achieve it. No matter how low or how high your dream is, achieving it still counts for something. Thats what being a grown up is all about.

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