Sabtu, 16 April 2011


when I hear Osaka I always remember Conan, that famous kid detective who has a friend in Osaka named Eiji. Although Conans base is Tokyo, but Tokyo does not remind me of him, its Osaka. How srange is that. Never in a milion years did I ever thought I would ever go to Japan to go to school, so did I never really planned on going to Osaka, but when you are already in Japan of course you gotta visit.

As far as I have been in Japan I have been to 4 big cities, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Sapporo. The first time I went to Osaka I only came there to eat takoyaki -which they said Osaka had the best of- and to go see by my self that famous Dotomburi street, not to mention I also took one day to go to the Universal Studio Japan, which is located in Osaka. But my first trip wasnt really a to revealing trip, I remember thinking to myself when I went to Dotomburi and saw rhose famous running man billboard; Wow this place is dirty.

I really mean it, Osaka is super dirty. In dotomburi they have that river which had junk floatimg all over it. Not to mention that rubbish was everywhere on the street. As far as I know in Tokyo things didnt look that way, so I was really unimpressed by this.

But despite all the dirtiness etc, Osaka does have the best takoyaki I ever tasted in Japan, and it also has very very friendly people. Also Osaka is not as crowded as Tokyo, which is a good thing. I also know from my second time around that Osaka is super super difficult to travel in, because the signs are simply just not helping you to find your destinations, I spent 2 hours being lost in Osakas confusing subway line, that is not something to be proud of. I would never have the same problem in Tokyo.

But I have no idea how it would feel to live there, so I guess I have no say in it.

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  1. I want to talk u in Japanese language:" Sugeng ndalu lan sugeng ngayahi jejibahan inggih menika ngayahi pasinaon wonten ing manca negari. Menawi wonten lepat atur kulo nyuwun gung ing samodra pangaksami".

  2. I loved your Neverland post, very insightful.

    Interesting about Osaka....

  3. @mbak Yunims: Maaf mbak, saya gak paham bahasa jepang:D

    @the words crafter: thank you! thank you for visiting..