Minggu, 17 April 2011

a hug story

Right now, if I was in Indonesia, life would be easy. I’d call a friend of mine and say, ”Hey, I need a hug. A really big hug please!”. A friend would then hug me and in that single hug I would feel not alone.

I’m a hugger. I express my feelings by hugging people –whether that feeling is sad or happy, still I would give a really big hug-. I hug people. That’s what I do.

I am not saying that a hug in Indonesia is as common as a hug in America for instance –its not-, it is not part of our culture, but hey world –I’m Indonesian- I’m hugging my friends, no strings attached!

But this is not Indonesia, the people here are alien to me, the culture is alien to me, their affection is alien to me, –and what makes things worse - the faces here are alien to me –no friend to hug or to get a hug from-. I miss my friends. I’m a hug bitch, I need a hug to live.

I’m not saying I don’t have friends here, I do.  Its just that these friends are not the hugging type, and I prefer them to stay that way –it would be very awkward otherwise-. I still love them just as much even without the hug. So if I was to get a hug from someone I’d need to import that from Indonesia, and that’s expensive! I wonder whether I could give myself a hug and call it a day? Or could I ask my pillow to give me a hug today?

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