Minggu, 17 April 2011

part-time lover full-time friend

Since these days I have been single, I`d like to start day dreaming about the perfect man again, is that still allowed? Or is there a rule where when you hit a certain age where you can no longer have fantasies about your future husband anymore? Well, since I am also still in the from A-Z blog challenge, and today is the day for P I`d like to write about that part time lover and full time friend thing I've always wanted. Can I?

Well, since I am day dreaming let me be bold and super crazy, I want him to be like Superman! that can fly to my rescue when ever I need him. With an actual cape. But I would never want a Spiderman or Batman or any other man than Superman, Spiderman is way too self-involved, while Batman has a serious seriousness problem, so I would take only Superman. The perfect geek who can safe me when needed.

If however he is not Superman then I would settle for a knight in shinning armor, who rides a white horse and has a very very shinning armor, who fight battles for me and safes me when needed. I would never go for a King, he has too many responsibilities and too many other options, probably a King would have thousand of mistresses, it would be too complicated. I would also never want a Prince, Princes are just way too spoiled, I'd rather have that very humble, brave, work his ass of to be where he is and down to earth knight in shinning armor.

If I can not get neither Superman nor that Knight in shinning armor then I would only settle for a friend. That friend who knows me and falls in love with me. A friend that will grow with me.

However, in this time I think maybe I am not ready to be loved anyway, I will take my time to be person anyone could love, I will take my time to grow to be suitable to be loved. Hopefully out there there is someone who has the patience to wait.

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