Kamis, 21 April 2011


Research is what made me a little behind on my A-Z blog challenge, sorry.. Another reason is simply because I ran out of Ideas. however the word research -other than prompting me to remember about my own research which is in a really bad place right now-, also reminds me of a song by Cole Porter. If I remember the song I also remember the movie where I first heard it, the name of the movie is De-Lovely. The movie is one of the best musicals I've seen, very rarely is a musical movie good and not child material. It is not really a Once type movie either, its a real musical. I think that the movie describes what real love and lust is all about. I have watched it probably more than 20 times, but I still love it, although I sometimes just fast forward it to the best parts. Here are the lyrics of that song I like, its called Experiment.

Before you leave these portals
To meet less fortunate mortals,
There's just one final message I would give to you.
You all have learned reliance
On the sacred teachings of science,
So I hope, through life, you never will decline
In spite of philistine
To do what all good scientists do.


Make it your motto day and night.
And it will lead you to the light.
The apple on the top of the tree
Is never too high to achieve,
So take an example from Eve,

Be curious,
Though interfering friends may frown.

Get furious
At each attempt to hold you down.
If this advice you always employ
The future can offer you infinite joy
And merriment,

And you'll see
As Cole Porter (in the movie said), somethings just sound better with music under them. So if you were not satisfied with the lyrics then be my guest, watch the movie. I promise you its a good one.

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