Kamis, 21 April 2011


Inconvenient silences are those times when you are with someone and you kinda lost topic of discussion, which leaves this very thick and unflattering void of nothing in the air. I think that those silences are horrible, and I have dedicated my life to find ways to avoid them. I just keep on talking -one quality that is either my best or my worst quality, depending on who and when you see it-.

However I must say that sometimes you find people with which silence is not uncomfortable, those moments are magical I think. Comfortable silence for me is a sign of understanding and I find this as a signal that this person is someone I can be real friends with -for if I have to keep on talking everytime, real friendship seems too difficult-.

I think that everything you need to know about someone is in the silence you share. For silence is so difficult to share with and a person who can fill the silence other than with voices -or unnecessary noises I like to make- are really really Interesting and note worthy people. Have you found your silent buddy?

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