Kamis, 21 April 2011

tokyo time

man with round nose by asihsimanis
man with round nose, a photo by asihsimanis on Flickr.

I have been to tokyo just to enjoy the city about three times this past year, and it has been a very pleasant journey each time. I even dare nominate it as my favourite city in Japan. What I love about the city is hopefully very obvious from this picture I took new years eve in Zojoji Temple, Tokyo has this real blend of everything in just the right amount you just can find anything if you know how to find it.

I mean there are places like Asakusa and Ueno which have so old and beautiful temples, but at the same time you can see the rainbow bridge in Odaiba, the tokyo tower, Shibuya, Harajuku and so so much more. I think that Tokyo is just a photographers dream, it has every element of surprise one needs to get inspired. Those elements that take your breath and simply make you fall in love -one of those things you need to be a good photographer I think is the ability to see beauty and to fall in love with it, to be inspired by it-. Its just such a pleasant city, full of pleasant people with pleasant dreams.

I would love to share all My tokyo pictures and tell you the story of each, but that would be such a long post. I am considering the idea however, since I would like not to forget about my experiences here. Trust me, if you have a list of places you must see before you die, put tokyo in it, make a week trip of it, hell! make a month trip of it, it is worth it, I promise you.

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  1. Great photo, I would love to visit Tokyo, my husband has been there and loves it. I've never left the United Sates!