Jumat, 22 April 2011

urban landscape

at that park in tokyo by asihsimanis
at that park in tokyo, a photo by asihsimanis on Flickr.

Today I still had this theme in my head, and that theme would be tokyo. Probably its simply because I am celebrating the notion of visiting Tokyo again next weekend. I cant wait to meet this beautiful city again.

I took this picture when I first came to tokyo, it was taken in one of the gardens in Tokyo, but we had to pay to enter this garden, it was not one of those free public parks -although it only cost about 300 Yen-. I don't really remember the name of the place, and to be honest I wasn't that much impressed by the place.

At the time I had not fallen in love with Japanese gardens so probably I was still trying to digest the idea of what this garden is about, and sometimes when you try to hard to digest something you forget how to enjoy it.

However after the trip I checked my shots and there were actually some pretty decent shots from this garden. So I guess the place wasnt that bad. In fact I think the place was this little zen place to escape to in the hustle and bustle of this big and really busy city they call tokyo.

If anyone wants to visit this garden, all I remember is that is situated near Takadabashi Pier, hopefully this helps.

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