Senin, 25 April 2011


When I hear the alphabet V, my mind always wonders to that beautiful magazine I love, Vogue. Its like the Queen of Magazines, the jewel between all those rocks. I have had a passion for clothes and dresses ever since I can remember. I remember playing dress up when I was little with my parents clothes, I remember making barbie clothes for my barbies, and I remember cutting my own clothes to make it look nicer. Even until now I still play dress up when I am down. Although now I like to play a little make up to.

The first time I heard about Vogue was in my favorite TV series, Friends. It had this character named Rachel and she loved reading Vogue, so I wanted to know what it was. You see I am from Indonesia, Vogue is not a household name for us. So I got my first Vogue from a second shop, it was a relatively old one, from the year before, and I loved it. I started collecting them right that moment.

I know that people think that people who love fashion are kinda shallow etc, but I love it. For me its a way of showing what you are and an output for your creativity and your inner art. I love it. Vogue for me is an inspiration, it shows you all the possibilities and the beauty in that world.

I may not be a designer, or a fashion goddess, or a trendsetter, but I love to dress up and I love to be inspired to express myself more. I am so thankful that there is Vogue to always keep my mind open to new possibilities.

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