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entering tokufuji

entering tokufuji by asihsimanis
entering tokufuji, a photo by asihsimanis on Flickr.
People have said that I over exaggerate about things, they don't believe me anymore, because they think to me everything is beautiful, everything is interesting. I am sorry for that but seriously, people you need to trust me! I know what I am talking about.

this picture was taken in Tokufuji in the fall, it is not like I was planning on going there, but I had one day to myself in Kyoto, I had the ichi nichi kippu with me, and I decided to take the 206 bus and stop on every temple that bus goes to. I knew from the book of must see places in Kyoto that Tokufuji was famous for its fall colors, but I was not really that convinced, because I have never heard from it before.

Tokufuji was located in a very posh neighborhood, they were so many huge old houses which look like a temple to me, and I was a little bit lost, because there weren't any street signs showing where Tokufuji was. when I arrived there however I was amazed. I came late fall, which means that all the leaves had fallen down, but the place still looked crazy beautiful.

It consisted of a small valley with a so called river which was only like half a meter wide. I have no idea why anyone needs to build 3 -not just one, but 3- gorgeous bridges across a river that is only half a meter wide, but even though it makes no sense, the bridges are excellent and the scene was amazing. I was so in love with the place I took pictures of it for almost 2 hours, I couldn't get enough of it. It was not until I reminded myself that I needed to see other places, when I started to move on.

there is a legend that this place was the living place of a woman who was the most beautiful woman at that time, everyone loved her. But even though everyone fell in love with her beauty, no body loved her for her, so she never accepted any of those love. She died here in this place very old and alone, because she chose to live for God instead. I can totally understand why she decided to do it here, this place is definitely God searching material.

I know that maybe after all the post I have written, you might not trust me anymore when I say that this place is amazing, but I am not lying to you, it is amazing. I still look at my pictures from that day in awe. This place has inspired me to take some of my most amazing pictures. I am very fond of it.

I took this picture very blur because I felt like I was entering a dream. I wanted to show my feeling through my pictures, of course I have sharp pictures of the place too. You probably cant enjoy the beauty of this place by seeing blur pictures of it. I shouldnt put the blur version of the place, but I kinda like this shot, so if you would love to see the-un-blur version, please access my pictures here. Hopefully my pictures talk louder than my words, the place is beautiful, its such a pity if you are not interested in visiting because I have not sell the place right.

I hope you still trust me, so the next time you are in Kyoto, at fall, this is a must see place.

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  1. gw suka warnanya, tapi kalo musimnya ganti warnanya ganti tempatnya masih bagus ga ya?

  2. kayaknya gak sai..:) tempat ini terkenal buat warna musim gugurnya soalnya:)