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an ultra cool bycicle by asihsimanis
an ultra cool bycicle, a photo by asihsimanis on Flickr.
I know that when you hear the word Harajuku, this image is not what you think of. You think of crazy looking people, who expresses themselves through crazy clothes, but let me tell you, Harajuku is so much more than that.

I have been lucky enough to be able to visit the place every time I come to Tokyo, so overall I have came to this place probably fur times or more, and I have also slept in an internet cafe there, showered there, shopped there, ate there, got lost there, and a lot of other things. This place never fails to impress me.

Harajuku is a place for art and culture expressed mostly through fashion. This picture I took is a scene from a museum that was build I think by that crazy community that calls Harajuku their home, its beautiful, and more importantly, this so called museum is free.

I found it rather by accident, so I might not be the person to ask where it really is located, but, that's the beauty of Harajuku. You can be one of those lazy tourist who only wander around the big streets and be happy with what you see because you will a hell lot of good bargains of clothes, crazy outfits and you will meet those crazy looking people you want to see in harajuku and you will be happy. Or you can be one of those more adventurous tourist and get lost inside the small streets of harajuku, and find yourself looking at this museum, and fall in love with it. This is not the only museum around harajuku, I saw a lot of other apartments its residents has painted fully with art, so I promise you that it will not be boring to pay a visit to the worlds capital of crazy fashion people call Harajuku -even when you are not a crazy fashion person-.

to see more of hajajuku from me, visit my Flickr page here.

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